Tiles and Surface Cleaner (Pack)

Tiles and Surface Cleaner (Pack)


The effect of this product is magical, leaving your surface sparkling and stain-free. It can be used to clean tiles, ceramics, shoes, glass, windows, cookers, wall tiles, and hard surfaces. We fondly call this product “Ms. Temperamental” as it is harsh on stains.

How to use:
There are two ways to use
1. General mopping:
Add some of the product to a bucket of water and gently mop the floor. Then you can use clean water to mop afterward, or better yet, leave it to dry.

2. To remove tough stains
If you want to use it to remove stains from an affected area, pour it directly on the stain and spread it evenly across the stain, then leave it for a few minutes before you scrub gently and wash with water. VOILA💃🏼💃🏼! all the stains will vanish even before you start to scrub😁

Size: 1L

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